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Come in and sit in our comfortable office and call in your claim with our experienced and knowledgeable staff. We know all the phone numbers and speak with with every insurance company on a regular basis.


Our advantage to you is we know how to repair a car the right way!  


When we go over the car with your insurance adjuster, we make sure you get all the NEW FACTORY PARTS and all the CORRECT pieces to restore your car to pre-accident condition or better!


BEWARE - Your insurance company will tell you that "you have to take your car to their drive-in claim center."  


This is NOT true, they just want to process your claim as inexpensively as possible. So when you go to their claim center, they will leave things out or replace things with cheaper after market parts. It works to their advantage to do things as cheaply and inexpensively as possible.


By coming to us, we fight for you! We make sure that your car is properly cared for and repaired the right way!

Our Advantage is YOUR Advantage: